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TAME, Inc., provides a variety of training programs to families, schools, businesses and community organizations.
TAME (an acronym for Techniques Assisting Motivation and Excellence) was founded upon the basic philosophy that excellence is a value/behavior for which one can be conditioned.
TAME also incorporates the DARE2XL Character Education Program which utilizes proper techniques to enhance behaviors, enabling students to maximize abilities and become high achievers.
TAME strives to help parents teach their children to integrate the values of excellence into their academic and personal lives.

DARE2XL = Dare To Excel

A High Performance Learning Experience for children. Helping children and families achieve excellence and high performance is the major aim of the DARE2XL After School Study Program. The fundamental philosophy of DARE2XL teaches children and families how to Dream, Aspire, Reach, and Excel.Learn More...

Program Goals

The DARE2XL program is designed to improve student academic achievement. Parents and teachers find that in addition to raising achievement, the DARE2XL experience helps students develop positive attitudes, behaviors, and skills that build excellence in both the school and home environments. Learn more...

Parental Resources

We live in a society where being mediocre is normal and only a few are expected to “rise to the top.” Why do some people achieve while others fail? Are we all capable of excellence, or are some people more predisposed to being average? Learn more...

Practice Makes Perfect - NOT!

Dr. Sheffield reveals the habit forming behaviors associated with repetitive actions. Click here to browse all parental resources.


Dr. Sheffield

A major emphasis of Dr. Sheffield’s work is helping parents manage the academic development of their children. Click here to learn more about Dr. Sheffield.

How did you hear about us?

How did you hear about us?


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