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Parent Testimonials from 2008-2009

Fayette County:

•  I am very appreciative for this program. It has taught me so many strategies that can be applied to our everyday life. This program has improved my daughter’s life outside of education and I am forever grateful for what the entire staff of DARE2XL has done for my daughter and family. Thank you.

•  I think anytime someone is taking the time to teach kids life skills, it is a beautiful thing.

•  DARE2XL is a great program and it has really helped my girls become more productive, more social and has made them outstanding students.

•  I wish my generation had this program when I was growing up. Thank you so much for caring for this generation and beyond.

•  My son’s eyes light up when he tells me about what he’s doing in DARE2XL.

•  Thank you for all you give to these children. Your program is making such a difference.

•  The workshop is great. I always learn something new every time.


Beaver County:

•  My child has come a long way with behavior in school and at home. She is starting to become a little more responsible with things like bringing homework home and helping out around the house. She now keeps her room “neat and complete!” I am definitely going to try the excellence charts in my home with my children!

Parent Testimonials from 2007-2008

Allegheny County:

•  I can’t thank you enough for bringing the program to Forbes. Dr. Sheffield, Principal Brown and all the teachers did a really great job with the kids. Again, education is the only way.

•  I loved the program. My child was very excited about the program.

•  I am grateful that Forbes has this program. I have seen a change in their attitude toward homework/self-esteem.

•  Excellent program.

•  You have a very successful program here. We have seen a strong improvement in our son’s skill level and grades. I hope we’re able to continue next year.

Beaver County:

•  I think the program is good for the parents and all children who participate in it.

•  Taylor enjoys the DARE2XL program and loves the teachers! She looks forward to going to DARE and is growing more confident in reading aloud. Her math has improved to excellent.

•  Thank you very much for the after school program. My son learned advanced math and is improving in his reading. I am grateful for all the time and energy put into this program.

•  This program is awesome!

•  This program has great potential to send children in the right direction in everyday activities. The motivation that is attempted is outstanding. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

•  I think this program is very helpful.

•  Everyone and everything is well organized. Excellent, Excellent Job!!

•  This is a great program for kids and should be offered to all grades K-12.

•  Please keep up the good work. My child has benefited greatly.

•  I am grateful for this program. My son loves it and he is improving.

•  I love that when my daughter gets home all her homework is done!

•  My child’s grades couldn’t get better, but his attitude and motivation improved dramatically. You have wonderful teachers. Thank you for everything. I will definitely use the workshop strategies at home.

Fayette County:

•  I feel the program made a big difference in my child’s life and mine too. I have learned a lot. We all have learned a lot. We will practice a lot more at home.

•  This is a wonderful program that I will continue with my children in the future.

•  Ms. Kezmarsky is a wonderful person. She takes excellent care with the children! She dserves a metal!! All who help with this program deserve a BIG Thank you.

•  Thank you for caring about our greatest resource.

•  Dr. Sheffield’s speech was so much the truth. Listening to him will definitely change a few things at home. You guys are doing a great job with the kids. My son is actually starting to like school.

•  Safe and productive environment

•  I’m glad this program exists and am a strong supporter. Thank you!

•  The speaker was excellent in his presentation and helping me to understand how to teach my son. Thank you very much.

•  I feel this is the best thing the school could have done with the kids. The workshop even helped me a lot in my home with my daughter. I plan to use it on my son. The DARE2XL is a wonderful program.


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